This photo of a sign outside a Seattle hardware store was not taken by me, but I just had to post for obvious reasons.

Image source.

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Portrait of my husband

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Alki Beach Part 3

On our Alki Beach excursion, we discovered another amazing view spot just beyond the main tourist drag. At the end of the day, we were surprised to see Mt. Rainier there since a few hours prior we stood in that exact spot and saw nothing there. It was like a game of hide and seek.

In walking distance from this spot is a lighthouse that was closed to the public that day. This gives us a reason to return soon.

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Alki Beach Part 2: Luna Park

The best part of our half-day trip to Alki Beach was surprisingly not even Alki Beach itself, but rather what we found en route: A little gem called Luna Park. It’s not much of a park if you define parks by large grassy fields where dogs can run freely, but there is a teeny patch of green and ample park benches to meditate on the many different shades of blue. It also has a spectacular view of downtown Seattle if buildings rather than mountains are your kind of thing. Yup, pretty much one of our favorite new spots in (West) Seattle.

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Alki Beach Part 1

We were at Alki Beach the moment summer officially kicked off on Wednesday afternoon. The last time we went to Alki was in 2007 as tourists, so this time around was certainly a different experience. I think we had a better time (meaning, we knew how to dress for the cool climate this time around).

The camera couldn’t capture how astonishing these light rays hitting the water were. Actually, why am I blaming the camera? It’s most likely my lack of photography skills. Still learning.

The Alki Beach neighborhood seemed to be a mix of bohemian artists and wealthy retirees, and reminded us of the equivalent of driving to the North Shore of Oahu or to a beach-side part of California. Well, minus the heat.

On our drive back home past all the condos lining the beach, we saw a lot of folks our parents’ age enjoying bottles of wine on their balconies. Seems everyone, including us, had a good first day of summer.

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Strawberry Love

Yesterday we had ourselves a good time at the Queen Anne farmer’s market: free strawberry shortcakes, beautiful strawberries everywhere, and one hour of unexpected sun.

For breakfast we had strawberries, of course, and it helped to remind us that it is summer. Because you see, we need as much reminders as we can get here. It was 57 degrees and rainy today.

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Around our neighborhood

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