Magus Books

If you love books and charming book shops, Seattle is the place for you.  The options are endless. On this particular day, we passed our time slowly walking up and down the small aisles of Magus Book, the oldest independent used book storefront in Seattle. Magus Book has a fantastic selection of used books, vintage books, and academic books due to its close proximity to the University of Washington.

This is the kind of bookstore that doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm you with selections, and where you can walk in not knowing what you’re looking for and walk out with a few surprise finds. Here, you might find the kinds of scholarly books you remember from your college days (except now you can actually enjoy them since the books aren’t a source of cramming stress but rather a leisurely read) more than the kind of books you’d find on the current best seller lists in larger shops. The staff is friendly, there to help you when you need it, but gives you a nice space to look around as long as you want.

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