Farewell Travelers

It’s been a challenging week at the hands of one individual so my husband and I have been preoccupied and as much as we wanted to share the happier times we experienced pre-Monday, it’s been hard. And it’s still far from resolved, but I can’t allow a negative person to keep consuming us like this. So life continues and so will the journaling of our lives and more positive memories. Here goes . . .

A few weeks ago we went to Travelers Tea Company in Capitol Hill to say goodbye to the warm and inviting Indian cafe and chai bar that also sells spices, herbs, ayurvedic supplies, candles, groceries, and more. We had ourselves a wonderful and affordable lunch, which we ended with their delicious signature masala chai. I think the term “food for the soul” could be used here. Their standout food is the hearty samosa.

Like so many independent small businesses either getting priced out by high rent or to make room for newer, modern businesses in our neighborhood (and beyond), Traveler’s Tea Company was also recently given its notice to leave. Their last day at this location will be tomorrow, July 8th. In a sea of so many similar looking restaurants in Capitol Hill, they stood out to offer something a bit more different, unique, and affordable, but it wasn’t enough. When we were at the restaurant we heard their rent was raised by 50% and the number was insane. We thought, “how could any restaurant survive with that kind of rent price when they are serving $2.50 samoas and $6 lunch plates?”

We hope to make it to their Beacon Hill location. Best of luck and future success to them.

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