Wedding Bell Blues

I feel compelled to post here what I’ve been experiencing the last two days (and 9 months). Our wedding videographer who still has not completed our wedding film for us 9 months after our wedding date, just informed us she will be taking time off from work for 18 months so will not be able to finish our wedding video. That’s very bad news to receive after 9 months of waiting.

It took her two months to just respond to one email, and six months from our wedding date to inform us that she had corrupted important wedding footage, like our first dance, that cannot be recovered. The reason my husband and I wanted to do a video in the first place was to help our family and friends who were not there feel like they were – to see and feel our wedding in motion. It’s disappointing to learn that some people don’t have the capacity to realize how they hurt other people. Mistakes happen and life circumstances can change, but I’ve always felt that people should do their best to right a wrong, rather than only thinking of themselves. We want a peaceful and just resolution; she wants an easy way out. Life is not always fair, but we know there’s always healing and more important things to turn your energy toward. This I remind myself today.

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