Our sidewalk spot

Yesterday morning I left my apartment to rain and low 50s weather. That night, one of the headlines on the local news was “June Gloom: The Sixth Coldest June in Seattle History.” Um, yup, for us summer is definitely not one day away. With that said, I don’t want this to become a complain fest, so I’m going to turn my attention to the beauty here, which is what we did the other day. We were about to head home when the mountains caught my eyes. They always do. But usually on an overcast day, you can barely see them. However, that day, the blue mountains were not only visible, they were especially heart-stirring. The clouds around the mountains reminded me of the way lights circle up a Christmas tree – both exposing and hiding it. And the grayness mixed with the blue and white hues felt more refreshing and crisp than gloomy and heavy.

Because of the beautiful mountains, we headed to our spot at the top of the hill where we sit on a small elevated area of the sidewalk in front of a corner apartment. There we sat for awhile and enjoyed the views in silence. It’s a spot we like to go to since we don’t have any views from our apartment and the sidewalk on top of the hill seems to suit us just fine. The sunset views we’ve had from that spot have been equally amazing.

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