The Wow Views

There are just some views that never seem to get old. New York has the Statue of Liberty; Seattle has Mt. Rainier. Although in quite different ways, both are breath takers.

This view of the majestic and dreamy Mt. Rainier came upon us unexpectedly on a first time drive back from West Seattle. It was a good thing I had my camera in my hands because we were on the freeway when I took these and my husband was not about to cause a pile up. Mt. Rainier looks like it shouldn’t fit in this photo with the industrial foreground, but in many ways its very fitting for Seattle if you think about it.

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5 Responses to The Wow Views

  1. webcentrick says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love Seattle. I have traveled there many, many times for business, although I have not been back for over a year. I always stayed downtown, and looked so forward to the sunrises looking out my hotel high rise window towards Mt. Rainier – especially in July and August when the sun shines more that the clouds. I also miss a restaurant called Wild Ginger. Yum.

  2. It’s like a floating mountain!
    Love the contrast with the industrial foreground. So unexpected – so perfect!
    Ronnie xo

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