Cafe Besalu

Who knew Seattle had so many delightful bakeries? We certainly didn’t until recently. This new knowledge might not be so good for our blood sugar levels but how happy it made us on a miserably cold and rainy day, like today, when all you want to do is be indoors but still find a reason to leave the house just to be back indoors. Does this make sense? Hello Seattle summer. At Cafe Besalu in Ballard we tried just two things and already we were impressed. My husband fell in love with their strawberry danish and I had the most magnificent plain croissant which I dipped into strawberry sauce every other bite. I left happily covered in croissant flakes.

Is there anything more pleasing to your nostrils than the aroma of breads being baked? We followed that smell right through the doors of Tall Grass Bakery, which happens to be adjacent to Cafe Besalu. Although they were selling some sweet pastries, they’re specialty is breads of every kind. We’re looking forward to trying some in the near future.

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