Caffe Fiore: Organic Coffee House + Charming Outdoor Spaces

Most of the coffee we consume is home brewed because we can’t spend $2 per person every single day (multiple times a day) to drink coffee despite the plethora of tempting coffee shops right outside our door. With that said, we are coffee lovers in a coffee town and this year – for the first time since moving here – we have been engaging every now and then with this city’s coffee shop culture. Because more than just the coffee, we’re intrigued by the dozens of independent coffee shops and the people who set up shop for hours at a time in these places. What we’ve been finding on this year’s coffee journey has been some amazing coffee houses like Caffe Fiore. It’s great that Caffe Fiore offers 100% certified organic coffee, but what we really love are their small outdoors spaces on warm days. They have a cute little outdoor lounging area in their Queen Anne location, but we especially like their tiny outdoor deck sandwiched between two old brick buildings located on our favorite street in Ballard, minus the bees.

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