Sail Away

We are officially in love with the Center for Wooden Boats. The fact that they offer free boat rides once a week for some of us who are either financially challenged or just frugal with our money is a beautiful thing. We’ve been so happy about this find that we’ve been telling everyone who’d listen about their free Sunday rides, and finding ourselves amazed that people who’ve lived here for over a dozen years hadn’t heard about this gem. The other weekend we went back to the Center. This time, the gusty winds proved to be a friend to our sail boat as well as the dozens of sail boats out for a high school sailing competition. But the winds weren’t so much a friend to our necks which suffered a bit from the comical ducking down while moving from one side to the other during the sail. Next up, we hope to get a seat in a Flying Dragon Boat (last photo).

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2 Responses to Sail Away

  1. mac says:

    Refreshing! And great pics šŸ™‚

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