The Green Lake Walk

Yesterday we wanted to get our physical activity on and so we decided to walk the circumference of Green Lake for the first time. It took us just under an hour, with stops here and there to admire the views, to walk the 2.8 miles around the lake. We wanted to avoid the crowded weekends but Monday was bustling with people as well, from moms jogging with strollers to rollerbladers and bicyclists that passed us a few times to sun tanning high-school aged teenagers I’m assuming are already on summer break to older fishing buddies getting together by the water.

My favorite sightings were the guys with their laptops and portable desks under the shaded trees with views of the lake. The benefits of “working from home.” Who could blame all of us for being out? Not a cloud in sight, 80-degrees warm but not humid or sticky thanks to the lovely breezes. Next time, we’re planning to walk the lake twice and will be making this non-exercise exercise part of our summer shape up plan. What I really love about Seattle is that you’ll always find people jogging or on their bikes, rain or shine.

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