Out of Towners

While we enjoyed the Skagit Tulip Festival, I think we had a better time just cruising around the small towns. We’re city people, but there’s something great about getting out of your typical environment. We saw farmers at work, green pastures and magnolia fields, produce stands, ice cream shops everywhere, large American homes that looked liked they were built entirely with their owners’ personalities engrained into the very heart of them. What we refreshingly didn’t see: large big box chain stores like the Walmarts and the Targets, strip malls, fast food chains, and ugly “modern” mixed used buildings that resemble shipping containers that’s been popping up at record speed in our neighborhood.

Magnolia fields viewed from the road:

My favorite part of the day was going to this roadside coffee and ice cream stand located on the same property as Schuh Farms that also served as a drive-through and had a small Kale farm in front of it. We shared a cup of coffee on one of their picnic benches and took our time to really breathe in the moment. I also chuckled at the thought that my husband and I along with another couple, who were dressed like they were from Williamsburg Brooklyn, screamed out of towners.

Tulip valley vineyards:

View of a Skagit City church as we made our way back home.

Our other highlight was getting a small taste of La Conner and enjoying free food and free wine at a small art show. We have no shame.

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