Skagit Tulip Festival

On April 14th, we braved three hours of torturous, gas guzzling, blood vessel bursting traffic to see the Skagit Tulip Festival, our second time since moving to Seattle. The biggest difference was that the last time we went it was rainy, cold and muddy. This time we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. Since Seattle had been unusually cool, half the tulips on the farm hadn’t bloomed yet but it was nonetheless spectacular. It seemed people from all over the world – the kind of diversity we had encountered in New York but not as much in Seattle – congregated to this tulip farm to take photos with their families and enjoy the views.

Since the commute sucked up so much of our time, we felt really rushed at the end of the day as we fought against the setting sun, plus these small towns shut down really early. Armed with this knowledge, next year if budget allows, we’d plan our itinerary a little bit differently: we’d check-in to one of the bed and breakfasts in the nearby charming small town of La Conner on a Friday afternoon; on Saturday leisurely roll through La Conner and the surrounding areas during the day then head to the tulip farm late in the afternoon when it’s not as crowded and the dusky late afternoon/early evening lighting would make for better photos, and end the day with a nice wine tasting at one of the small wineries nearby; return to Seattle on Sunday. Other people seemed to do just this – nearly all the bed and breakfasts we drove by had No Vacancy signs. Really, the last thing you want to do at 8:00 pm on Saturday is to take the long drive back into Seattle when you feel like you just arrived from there.

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