30 Days of Photos: Day 20

April 9, 2012:

I exercised yesterday, except it didn’t really feel like exercise, which is the best kind of exercise, right? I walked up and down and around the hills in our neighborhood, catching up with my mom on the phone, and taking periodic breaks to take photos of the cherry blossom and Japanese magnolia trees in full bloom. And as I was walking around, this beautiful scent was just lingering everywhere in the air; it turned out to be these tiny magenta flowers pictured above, so each time I walked by one of these flowers which looked so unassuming among the grand cherry blossom trees, I kept taking whiffs and I’m surprised I didn’t vacuum a bee or an ant up my giant nostrils in the process. Before I knew it, an hour had passed. And what the hell is going on with this Seattle weather? Four straight days of sun here folks. Very very happy.

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