30 Days of Photos: Day 19

April 8, 2012:

Yesterday was my husband’s (Easter Sunday) birthday and I was determined to make this birthday especially memorable. The weather was perfection so that made my task at hand a little easier. We started off by having lunch at Cafe Presse, a modern French-style cafe in our neighborhood where for $6 we got to eat a deliciously large Croque Monsieur. We took our time sitting at the outdoor table, people watching, and probably annoying our already grouchy waiter since he knew we were campers not spenders. We continued our outdoor seating love fest on the large deck of Canal Coffee.

But the highlight of the day had to be dinner at The Walrus and The Carpenter. This restaurant had all the elements we look for when parting with our money at a food establishment: Delicious, creative food that’s well priced for the portion and quality, decent service (because it’s hard these days for some reason to get stellar service), and good ambiance. Although we were seated at the oyster bar counter, we skipped the raw oysters because we are scared off by the “market price” designation on the menu, and instead shared three warm superb dishes that left us full but wanting more. There were these little preserved pumpkin pieces with balsamic dressing drizzled on top that looked like cough drops but tasted just wow. We ended the dinner with my husband’s “birthday cake,” a unique dessert that was something like a tangerine poppy seed custard that they really should add to their regular menu. It paired perfectly with black coffee. We loved that the restaurant wasn’t stuffy. They even played The Clash, perfect for my husband’s birthday.

My husband was happy. We both had a good time. Mission accomplished.

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