30 Days of Photos: Day 4

March 24, 2012:

We walked about a good 4.5 miles today. To take advantage of the sun and get much-needed exercise, we skipped the bus and walked from our apartment to the Seattle Public Library in downtown. We felt like spaghetti noodles walking up the hill back home, but when we reached the top, we sat on a curb for half an hour just to squeeze the extra bits of sun into our bodies. During this time, we noticed everyone was smiling and saying to us “isn’t today just so wonderful?” as they passed us by. It’s an unfortunate thing to rarely see smiles that when you do, you’re a bit perplexed. As nice as it was seeing happy people, I wished we all wouldn’t wait for a sunny day to be a bit more nicer to one another.  In fact, we should smile and talk to each other more on the gloomy days, because that’s when we could use that kindness the most. Another great thing happened this day – we were walking past the Pike Place Market when we heard someone calling my husband’s name. The person turned out to be my husband’s old friend from high school who he hadn’t seen in over a decade. It’s a small world after all.

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