Sun in Seattle

When the sun comes out in Seattle (which apparently is a shockingly sparse 58 days of the year), you run the hell out of the house and just stand in the sun in silence. We’ve literally done this – quickly exit door, stand on sidewalk, stare into the sun like we’re seeing E.T.’s mother ship, all the while damaging our corneas. But if you have the time, you go near the water and soak in all three: sun, water, and mountains. And in that moment, you forget where you are geographically, or what it was like yesterday or what it will be like tomorrow; you’re just glad to be there in that moment.

Note: This photo was taken a week ago but feels like one year has since passed. Bleak.

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2 Responses to Sun in Seattle

  1. mac says:

    Nice pix!!
    I spent a short week in Seattle in September ’09 – with clear skies, sunshine and high 80s every day.
    As far as I know it’s always like that 🙂

  2. jmy says:

    Thanks! When it’s sunny, Seattle’s feels like the most beautiful place on earth. August and September always good months.

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