Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a dozen red roses kind of gal, especially on Valentine’s Day. Although I fondly recall that year my mom had one dozen large red roses delivered to my office because I was single that year and she didn’t want me to feel “left out” while the other women eagerly received their deliveries all morning. When mine arrived to the office and I realized it was from my mom, I of course like any sane female on a day like Valentine’s Day purposely withheld from my co-workers the fact that the flowers were from my mommy rather than some mystery man I’d been keeping mum about. It was one of the most special Valentine’s Day gifts I’d ever received, even though I’m not into the traditional red roses and baby’s breath type of thing.

It’s not that I don’t like roses; it’s just that I’m particular and I love those hard-to-find ones (like the miniature yellow and red ones I like to call “baby firecrackers” and the miniature lavender roses because those are the most fragrant). I think the reason my husband adores me is because I’m different. I think the reason my husband’s mind swirls like a whirlpool is because I’m different. I told him leading up to Valentine’s Day this year to save his money and not get me any flowers. But like a good husband who knows how to properly decode words with complex meanings behind them, he came back home in the morning with a small plant of succulents because he knows how much I love them and it’s practical. To me, this was the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers.  I’m just hoping these sun-loving desert plants will do okay here in sun-starved Seattle.

We had a good day filled with music and cinnamon rolls, but our night was the highlight. We finally got to eat at Maneki, which is a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try before we even moved to Seattle. Coming from Hawaii, we’ve eaten at countless Japanese restaurants, but Maneki appealed to us because it’s been in business for over 100 years. For $8, I had a delicious and well-portioned meal. The restaurant was warm, cozy and bustling. For dessert we split a deep fried green tea ice cream poppy seed tempura; a first for us. On our way out, we peeked into their separate small bar area and saw a bunch of older folks having a good time, especially so with the cutest grandmother serving as their bartender.

Also wonderful on Valentine’s Day was my husband bringing home a tiny branch of cherry blossoms off the tree in front of our building – this tree is always one of the first trees to bloom in our neighborhood. After seeing nothing but sad, naked trees the last few months, I’m loving seeing trees slowly sprouting tiny buds right now. What this means is Spring is just around the corner and winter relief is almost here! Thank you my love for another beautiful Valentine’s Day. I am so grateful for your tender love and friendship.

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