Happy Korean New Year!

Today is both Korean and Chinese New Year. Saehae bok Manee Badesaeyo (New Year’s blessing in Korean)! It seems while there’s many traditional beliefs centering around Chinese New Year’s, Korean New Year’s is pretty much just about honoring and respecting your family members, both alive and deceased, which of course reminds me of my grandmother. One of my favorite old family photos it that of me and my cousin wearing traditional Korean gowns called Hanbok doing the traditional bow of respect to our grandmother. What I remember about that photo is that it was the last time I ever wore a hanbok (or ever looked so pristine in my life), and that my grandma looked so proud and happy. Korean New Year for me is also synonymous with duk guk, which is a simple Korean soup consisting of rice cakes, beef, eggs, garlic, salt and pepper. Although never as good as my mom’s, we’ll be making this for dinner tonight. Photo below is duk guk my mom made for me last year.


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