Our Version of Whistler

You’d think the kids would be the ones having the most fun being out of school and all, but we saw way more adults playing in the snow than the little ones.  We were heading back to our apartment from our neighborhood coffee house, when we saw this crowd on top of the (closed-off) hill. Everyone had sleds. And by sleds we mean cardboard boxes, plastics, tarp, bodyboards, and even what appeared to be a worn-in baking tray hardly big enough to fit a small butt. But they all worked; some better than others. Surprisingly the simplest of them all – straight up large pieces of plastic – allowed for the greatest speed. Who needs an expensive snowboard? We also saw (and smelled) hard liquor and beer going around. What ensued was a whole lotta fun in Capitol Hill.

Sliding down hills is fun enough, but when I see snow like this, all I want to do is just fall back and do this:

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