Snow Day

We’ve been waiting for snow for over a year, and yesterday it finally came! Last year, the snow was too short and skimpy, so we were downright giddy when we walked out of our apartment to see the street and trees blanketed in substantial white. Que Vince Guaraldi Trio. I was pretty excited to bust out my favorite snow boots. For folks living in places like New York or Chicago, snow is either no biggie or tiresome, but we’re on the west coast so what do you expect? Apparently we weren’t the only Seattleites out and about yesterday taking advantage of the snowy day. It was actually nice to see normally pissy looking adults cheerfully playing in the snow.

Today was a bit of a challenge walking on the now icy streets, but we feel lucky we live in a neighborhood where we can just walk everywhere – to get our groceries, to eat out if we needed to (like when the power went out yesterday) – rather than having to drive in these dangerous conditions.

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