More Seattle Fall

Unlike New York which has pretty much the perfect Fall weather right now, Seattle’s cold like it’s already winter. We walk outdoors layered in the same clothes we wore last winter and we’re wondering what the hell we’re going to wear during the winter short of looking like Randy. What’s getting us outdoors, aside from the fact that the heater never comes on in our apartment, are these trees, these brilliant trees. We’ve never loved yellow and red so much in our lives.

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2 Responses to More Seattle Fall

  1. Pink Ronnie says:

    That is really amazing. You’ve captured fall so beautifully.
    Ronnie xo
    (Found your blog via Sweet Fine Day!)

  2. jmy says:

    Thanks Ronnie. I can’t resist the Fall. And I love Sweet Fine Day – makes me miss New York so much. Just checked our your blog and looks like you’ve got some cuties of yourself like Jenna’s.

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