Best Flea Market Find

When we were walking around the Williamsburg Flea Market, my eyes instantly zoomed in on these shoes. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the cream and light gray color combo. It turned out that Grant’s eyes were also on the same shoes at the same time. The man’s got style, what can I say. He said, “these shoes are you.” I always gravitate toward menswear, so I love that these wing tip shoes were inspired by classic gentleman’s style but with a feminine sensibility, a perfect combo for me.

This trip was definitely NOT a shopping trip, but we both knew I had to have them. The shoes turned out to be my size and fit perfectly, they were well-made good quality shoes, and had been worn only once for a photo shoot. The price was $45, we offered $40, she accepted, it was a done deal. Still, as people who no longer go shopping, this was a splurge purchase for us. But it was a fantastic deal considering the original price is something like $280. These shoes in this particular color are hard to find, and I quite like that.

I had never heard of Dieppa Restrepo before but they’re a company founded by a Columbian duo who sells shoes that are unisex, sophisticated, fun, refined, and androgynous. Their shoes are described as a “walking dichotomy, both non-intrusive and timeless, yet modern and undeniably present.”

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