NYC Food Highlight: Beco Brazilian

Beco is a fantastic casual Brazilian dining spot in Brooklyn located on a very unassuming residential area, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. There’s a huge price difference between lunch and dinner, as well as weekday versus weekend, so we were glad to have gone for lunch on a week day. There was just one person cooking the food so it took a bit of time to get our food, but it was worth the wait.

We ordered the Feijoada and Choripan. The Feijoada is billed as the national dish of Brazil and is composed of black beans, smoked meat, rice, farofa (toasted manioc flour), couve (chopped collard greens sauteed with lots of garlic and onions), fruit salsa, and hot sauce. For just $9 we got this beautiful plate of goodness (dinner portion is supposedly larger and double the price). This portion was just right for us. The food was amazing. Our favorite thing on this plate was the garlicky collard greens. Now that we’re in the full swing of collard green season here in Seattle, we’re determined to learn how to make this.

We ordered the choripan – rustic Argentine chorizo on Portuguese roll – because it’s just $6 on their lunch menu, served with potato chips. Eating in New York this trip was pretty interesting because at home we rarely eat meat anymore so it was a weird combination of emotions of feeling both guilt and pleasure, but honestly it was mostly pleasure. We’re just big-time, lifelong carnivores that have had to change to a mostly plant diet recently so when we eat meat now on the rare occasions, it’s a completely different experience for us versus when we used to it mindlessly.

This flavorful herb and oil spread is what made this sandwich divine. It married nicely with the spicy flavor of the chorizo.

And we didn’t order this because it would have ended our day just as it was beginning, but they had a lunch special on pitchers of caipirinha, one of my favorite cocktails. When we move back to New York, it’s on!

If we could’ve, we would’ve tried everything off their menu.

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