Brooklyn Flea Market: Williamsburg

We love going to flea markets like the Brooklyn Flea. It can even cheer up two tired newlyweds who just an hour before checked into the filthiest sublet. Even if we have no intention or money to buy anything, we just love the visual stimulation and rummaging through the hodgepodge of things. We saw a whole lotta stuff we would’ve liked to have furnished our home with if we had space and money. Minus the ominous rain clouds, how many flea markets have this kind of view?

Grant and I have near identical taste in things. We’ll both spot something and say things like “if we had money, that’d be in our living room.” So we did a lot of that at the Brooklyn Flea Market – visualizing what our dream rooms would look like, because well, currently our home design scheme is what we’d like to call a mix of free, Goodwill, and not so flattering Ikea. But, if we could dream up our ideal apartment, this red chair and globe would definitely be there.

As would these end tables.

And these hanging lamps:

And the green trunk:

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