My Damn Sweet Tooth

My damn sweet tooth, and the lifetime of cavities that followed. People used to joke that my blood was made of sugar. There was probably some truth in that. It didn’t help that my aunt raised me on ice cream cones and strawberry milk from the moment I could crawl. So Grant was almost as surprised as I was when I drastically cut my sugar intake, and he nearly fainted when I gave up sugar altogether leading up to our wedding. And you know what?, I did pretty good considering my blood type is S . . . until I got to New York and I kind of lost my mind on sweets. I even hand carried back to Seattle two sweet treats: A loaf of Russ & Daughters cinnamon babka and these Whole Foods two-bite pecan tarts. Oh man, these mini pecan tarts are my weakness. Makes no sense that they only sell these at the New York Whole Foods, and just two locations in New York at that. It’s probably for my own good that I can’t get them here.

I have to stop looking at these two photos. I almost licked the screen, and I think I’m twitching. These sugar cravings are not good. I’ll go wash some apples now . . .

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