America’s Oldest Italian Pastry Shop

In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, we decided on a few pastries from Veniero Pasticceria. So after our wedding (and before dinner), we got in a cab and went to Veniero’s in our gown and suit to order a slice of cheesecake and a few cannolis. Although I’ve had a sweet tooth my whole life, this past year I had cut back on sweets tremendously, but for our wedding night desserts were non-negotiable.

Veniero Pasticceria is a gem of a dessert spot with an incredible dessert selection in the heart of the East Village. In addition to their large take-out area, there’s a pretty large space in the back where you can get waiter service; a great place for an after-dinner coffee and dessert.

There was a huge fridge with nothing but cheesecakes. The Oreo cheesecakes were begging and pleading with me to take them home. I mastered the art of self control because I stared, I wanted, I salivated, but ultimately I walked away.

The chocolate cannolis were yummy.

You will want everything in sight.

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