West 15th Street

Our New York apartment. 243 West 15th Street.You see the air conditioner in the photo? That was our bedroom. Except we didn’t have air conditioning. But we had those bars. We miss New York, but we definitely don’t miss window bars.

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4 Responses to West 15th Street

  1. Gwynne says:

    Funny – we’re looking at an apartment today in your old building (on 5th floor). Did you like it there? Any issues/concerns? Thanks!
    P.S. We’re headed your way soon for 10 days backpacking in the Olympic National Park. Small world.

    • jmy says:

      It’s been many years so we can’t attest to the condition of the building today. When we first moved in, we had some issues with a gas leak that got resolved, the apartment was quite cold during the day in the Winter months, and of course typical New York City street noise. The best thing about the apartment as you know is the phenomenal location with the subway stop right there, walking distance to so many great things. We would have renewed our lease again just for the location.

      • Gwynne says:

        Yeah, location is killer. We’re trying to find a rent stabilized place but I think that ship has unfortunately sailed with most apartments in your old building. The rents jump 20% between tenants – so much so that many formerly stabilized places can’t even fetch the “legal” prices they can ask for now. So those “protections” are null once the legal rents have risen above already high market rate these days. I love NYC but it’s so frustratingly expensive.

      • jmy says:

        Wow that’s unreal about the jump in prices. Love NYC but too expensive to live seems to be the sentiment. Good luck on your rental search; keep your head up.

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