Grant and I are firm believers in the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. I know our New York food posts make us look like oinkies but really except for those two weeks in New York, we mostly eat at home and as healthy as possible. Although we savored each and every meal we had in New York, we still needed something healthy in our systems and pressed juices were what we turned to, especially the days leading up to our wedding when I was in paranoia mode. Paranoid because bad weather and getting sick were really the only things I truly worried about before our wedding. You see, we had spent seven hours on an airplane surrounded by visibly and audibly sick people – two directly behind me, one directly in front of Grant, and one to our right. It was not the ideal way to fly to your wedding destination. So we had to get our immune system strong and luckily One Lucky Duck (a few steps from their fancier restaurant Pure Food and Wine) was a few minutes from our studio. We got pretty obsessed with their delicious Bunny Brew juice consisting of carrots, apple, and ginger. Like a lot of pressed juices, it was pricey but we felt like it was a no brainer investment to ensure we weren’t going to get sick before our big day.

But another juice spot we’ve loved since we lived in New York is Liquiteria. When we felt we needed an extra immunity kick, we turned to their The Killer XX pressed juice (green apple, double serving of ginger, lemon, cayenne, and Immunity Now) and their All Greens with apple, lemon, & ginger (and kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, and cucumber). The Killer XX is pretty potent stuff, but I swear by it in warding off colds, and the All Greens sounds scary but is truly delicious. We walked from Union Square to the East Village a few times to get the juice, and they also delivered to our studio as well. The place is clean, the vegetables look fresh, and the pressed juices are fantastic. You literally feel an instant burst of energy after drinking this stuff. Love this place.

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