New York Street and Subway Musicians

We all know New York has some of the most driven and talented artists in this world, which contributes to the constant buzz of energy in the city unlike anywhere else in the world. But that also means that these talented people are competing with thousands of other talented artists for your attention.

When I lived in New York, there were times when I opted to get on the next train because I wanted to stay and listen to the musician at my subway stop just a bit longer because they were that good. This is especially so for jazz musicians. I really couldn’t believe how many talented jazz musicians there were in the city. Grant and I’d say things like if they were in our hometown or a smaller city, they’d be well-known figures. But, of course, that’d be too easy; they’re in the most competitive city trying to get their music heard – from the ground up – for a reason. We have nothing but the utmost respect for these artists that lug their heavy instruments all over the city and try to make an impression on busy New Yorkers, like this father-son team.

These guys were singing opera at Central Park.

And this band was probably one of the most impressive musicians we heard on this trip, definitely better than what’s out there on the mainstream airwaves right now.

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