Where We Exchanged Vows: Wagner Cover, Central Park

Friday, September 30, 2011, 3:00 PM.

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2 Responses to Where We Exchanged Vows: Wagner Cover, Central Park

  1. Hi Jen! Before I even start I want to say I hope you don’t think I am weird. I promise I am not a weirdo. I find your wedding so inspiring. Just recently we’ve decided to get married…I am still waiting on the “proposal”…and my dream proposal is coming. I trust my man but we picked out my wedding dress last Monday. The second I tried it on it was the one. Since then we’ve been thinking beach wedding and its what I wanted. But a sense of stress and anxiety was attached to this dream beach wedding that I wanted or so I thought. So today I was searching for things for my mom and I to do when I visit her in NYC in 2 weeks. Its my life dreams to be in NYC but more importantly to play in Central Park all day. It never thought to me to get married there. Out of no where today for fun I just search a few wedding things about NYC. I came across your article in RUffle. The second I saw your photos I was in love just like I was in love with my dress. I knew to expect the in love feeling with the dress but with the wedding ceremony too…No, did not expect that. We are now getting married by Beth on June 11, 2013 at the Wagners Cove. I am so excited. It is perfect. You talked so highly of your photographer I also reached out to her. I hope she is free on that day because her photos are stunning. I am so excited. And I am so happy I randomly came across your article. I never knew this was my dream all my life Ive wanted to hike through Central Park never once did I think about getting married in it. I am so happy this is perfect. I just wanted to reach out to you..!

    • jmy says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      First, I am so very sorry I am responding this late. I’m rarely on this blog anymore and the email notifications I get regarding this site sometimes doesn’t make it past my spam filter, especially since it’s usually my family and some close friends only who read this site. I was cleaning up my emails before the New Year and lo and behold I find this wonderful email from you. With that said, congratulations on your June 2013 nuptials and that’s wonderful that Beth will be officiating. She was so lovely and emotional and kind and it was wonderful to have her. I’m not sure if you were able to obtain Fiona or not but she was a top-notch photographer who we were lucky to have on our wedding day – professional, hardworking, and we liked our non cookie cutter images. The day went by so quickly so I highly recommend you enjoy each and every moment. Some things don’t go as planned, but that seems to be the story of so many brides, and that’s perfectly okay. I wish you a wonderful Central Park wedding (it’s such a magical park in one of the world’s most exciting and energetic cities) and all the best to you and your future husband in the years to come. Thank you for sharing your lovely story with me and for reading mine on Ruffled. I sincerely wish you the best. Congratulations! Jen

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