NYC Food Highlight: Red Hook Lobster Pound Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese seems like a simple enough dish – pasta and cheese – but we’ve had some doozies in our lifetime; not so much that they were terrible, they were all just so unmemorable. But the good ones we never forgot. Like a uniquely spiced one we had a few years ago during happy hour at a pub in the Meatpacking district. That’s third on our list. And a few months ago, we had vegan mac and yease from Plum Vegan Bistro in our neighborhood thanks to a discount coupon. Although there was (gasp!) no cheese, the flavor was out of this world, so much so that folks including us have been trying to figure out how to recreate it at home, without much success. So that quickly went to the top of our list . . . until we tried the Red Hook Lobster Pound mac & cheese a few weeks ago when we stumbled upon a mini food festival on a weekday in Madison Square Park. We don’t want to go four-pages deep into this, so all we’ll say is it was creamy, chunky savory goodness. The flavor was spot on. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. The cheese was not too much, not too little. And the large lobster chunks!

Here they are. They didn’t skimp. Apparently, we were one of the first few to try this new recipe. The lovely lady who made this for us told us she’d been working on this new recipe forever and was glad we loved it. We more than loved it. To this date, the best mac & cheese we’ve ever had. Gonna be hard to top this one.

Here is she making our good stuff.

The last time we had something from Red Hook Lobster Pound was at the Brooklyn Bridge Flea Market when we tried for the first (and last) time their phenomenal lobster roll. It was our last time because the price is a bit high for us, but we will never forget how thoroughly we enjoyed it. It was quite the food experience.

In New York, on a random weekday, you can come upon an amazing food festival. Our problem was we wanted to try everything. Talk about sensory overload. We had to be disciplined.

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