Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea Market

It took a bit of time to get to Fort Greene due to subway delays but it was worth the troubles to spend a beautiful sunny Saturday at the Fort Greene Flea Market.

We saw a lot of things we wanted to take back with us to Seattle, although we settled on just one old book, but mostly we feasted like kings. Our favorite: Brooklyn Bangers Slammin’ Sausages. We split one $4 beef brisket hot dog topped with pickled mustard relish and it could very well be the best hot dog we’ve ever had in our lives. The sausage was juicy, plump, and a nice hearty size, the mustard relish was the perfect pairing, and it all came between nicely toasted buns. We couldn’t believe we got that much food for just $4. Our only regret was getting just one.

The line was long to get these Red Hook pupusas, but we weren’t disappointed when we tried them.

And how could we pass up the opportunity to try a toasted coconut doughnut to go with our coffee?

We didn’t get to try their tacos, but they looked and smelled amazing.

I can always find something at the flea markets that catch my eyes, like this short vintage red cherry blossom kimono.

And this:

And this:

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