A Rowboat Wedding for Two (Not Us)

We’re biased. We think our wedding in Central Park was pretty darn amazing. BUT, I turned to mush when I saw another intimate wedding in the park – in a rowboat! As we were walking through the park, we heard from the distance a guy yell “I’m getting married!” and people started yelling back “congratulations!” without knowing who they were congratulating. Then we came upon it from a distance.

It looked like they wed in the rowboat, with perhaps the officiant, witness, and photographer in the second rowboat. Once the last photos were taken of them, the second boat rowed away and it was just the two of them on the water.

But the part that really turned me into hash, jello, balls of tissue was that he was serenading her in the rowboat with his guitar. I couldn’t see what her facial expressions were or what song he was playing for her – was it an original piece he wrote for her? was it a recreation of their favorite song? – but it didn’t matter because there was no doubt that at that moment she probably felt like the most special creature in the world.

What was also adorable was how they were dressed: she wore a red top and black skirt with a crown of flowers, he wore jeans with a white blazer and black shirt. Really, who needs a suit when you’ve got a guitar as your accessory.

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