NYC Eats: Shake Shack at Madison Square Park

Although we like Shake Shack, due to our limited time, it wasn’t on our list of places to visit on this trip. But we had to walk right past it to get to Eataly and it’s pretty hard for us to turn way from a good, affordable burger, especially when it was a gorgeous, warm day at Madison Square Park. And the line wasn’t so bad either. The burger was as good as we had remembered it (pictured here the single cheeseburger for $4), but the fries! Were they this good the last time? Perfectly crunchy on the outside, moist and soft on the inside – the fries almost outshined the burger.

In New York, you will see people walking around with their life-size blow-up zebra and proceed to dine with it, and it aint a big deal.

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