NYC Eats: Katz’s

Our trip to New York was of course all about us getting married, but it’s New York so food is always going to be a big part of the trip. The last two years we’ve drastically changed our eating habits, which mean we mostly eat at home, and what we eat at home is mostly local and green. But we’re both such big food lovers that we said what the hell, we’re in New York, let’s enjoy ourselves while we’re here. We wanted to try some new places, and we did, but we also wanted to return to some of our old favorites. So for me, Di Fara and Caracas was big on my list, and for Grant it was all about Katz’s. I think I’d been to Katz’s enough times to feel okay about not going if we didn’t have enough time, but Grant would’ve been shattered if he left New York without indulging in his pastrami sandwich one last time. We refused to stand in this line, especially in the rain without an umbrella, so luckily when we came back at a later time there was no line outdoors (indoors we expect and can handle just fine).

Here’s my love in full pastrami concentration mode.

The man behind him who resembled Woody Allen was equally focused.

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