NYC Food Highlights

We rarely eat out in Seattle. And what we cook at home is mostly healthy and affordable. Yesterday, after an exhaustive early morning flight, we plopped our suitcase in our apartment and immediately walked our dirty, sleepy selves to our neighborhood Farmer’s Market. Mind you, this is something we previously would’ve never done after a long trip. However, it was worth it. Last night we were almost giddy to cook our $2 per person meal at home, and actually enjoyed eating our broccoli tat choy quinoa stir fry. So it looks like we’re quickly back to our Seattle “granola” hippie selves again.

But, while we were in New York, we splurged. Oh yes we did. We ate freely like we did when we lived in the city. Interestingly, in the two weeks we pigged out, I actually lost weight, didn’t have any acid reflux related breathing issues, and was overall much healthier. What to make of this? We mostly went back to our old favorite places, but also tried some new spots. Some of our food highlights (photos to come in separate posts):

  1. Di Fara Pizza. Last time, we waited 3.5 hours for our pizza. This time, thanks to a Yankees game on at night, we waited only 1 hour. We shook Mr. Dom DeMarco’s hands and thanked him personally for the good meal. It was also fun talking story with two hardworking girls from Brooklyn who also happened to be Mr. Di Fara’s biggest fans.
  2. Red Hook Lobster Pound mac & cheese (their brand new recipe) at a mini food festival at Madison Square Park that we just stumbled upon. We couldn’t afford their phenomenal lobster roll, so we opted for the more affordable mac and cheese, and it was worth every creamy, decadent bite.
  3. Beco. Our first time at this Brazilian eatery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Lunch prices are much more affordable than dinner prices so we tried their Feijoada dish (black beans, smoked meat stew, rice, couve, farofa, and hot sauce) and Choripan (rustic Argentine chorizo on Portuguese roll). An incredibly tasty, filling meal for under $20.
  4. Caracas Arepa Bar (East Village). We returned to one of our favorite restaurants in New York City and snacked on a few delicious Venezuelan arepas.
  5. Momofuko. We didn’t get to try the granddaddy of the Momofukos – Ko (the uber expensive tasting menu restaurant with only a few seats), but we got to try the other three more affordable entities of the David Chang mega empire. Was it worth all the hype? Heck yes. We’d like to thank Mr. Chang for taking dumpling soup, ramen and tamale to another level.
  6. Eating dirt cheap tacos inside a seemingly out-of-place Mexican bodega in an all Hasidic Jewish neighborhood while listening to loud cheesy pop Mexican music while watching Telemundo. An interesting way to kick off our semi honeymoon, and definitely an only-in-New York story we can tell our kids and grandchildren.
  7. Hampton Chutney. Normally we’re not fans of eating in SoHo, but Hampton Chutney’s Dosa and butternut squash red pepper soup were tasty and affordable.
  8. Brooklyn Bangers Slammin Sausages. First time trying these at the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea Market. By far one of the best hot dogs we’ve ever had in our lives. We split a beef brisket hot dog for $4. The hot dog was plump, ample, juicy, and flavorful, the bun was thick and toasted nicely, and the pickled mustard relish was the perfect topping.
  9. Mandoo Bar. Finally tried the fresh, handmade plump mandoos. We opted for the vegetarian fried mandoo and vegetarian mandoo soup. One of the best.
  10. Splitting a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s again and watching the frenzied madness.
  11. Eating a Russ & Daughters lox & bagels again on the bench in the cold and rain.
  12. Eating our favorite affordable pad thai at Chelsea Market from Chelsea Thai Wholesale.

It was a nice two week food splurge. Now, back to reality.

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