Bride & Groom Back From NYC – 20 Trip Highlights

The day we got hitched was obviously the highlight of our trip. Chomping down a Di Fara pizza on a Yankees game night was a close second. Other highlights:

  1. Watching the sun set at the Statue of Liberty from the Brooklyn Heights promenade.
  2. Having an Almondine almond croissant and coffee on the bench at Brooklyn Bridge Park with the sun on our faces as we took our time gazing at the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan views one early morning.
  3. Going to the Brooklyn Flea Market in Williamsburg and at Fort Greene.
  4. Reminiscing in Central Park.
  5. Attending a free three-day only John Lennon art exhibit featuring his personal drawings on its opening day. As huge fans of John Lennon, and knowing about his love for New York, it was emotional to see his amazing illustrations, especially the drawings he did as wedding gifts for Yoko, the artwork he did for Sean, and the ones as tributes to NYC. This was our second John Lennon exhibit in SoHo.
  6. Another free phenomenal exhibit – Celebrating 100 years – at the New York Public Library. The exhibit features items spanning thousands of years  – literature, dance, social activism, invention, exploration, religion, history. We spent a good two hours at the exhibit reading personal diary entries of Jack Kerouac, Malcom X, Virgina Woolf, and George Eliot, reading a letter from Groucho Marx, seeing the “Easy Rider” script and John James Audubon’s Birds of America artwork, seeing W.W. Denslow’s Wizard of Oz illustrations, and handwritten scores of John Coltrane and Ludwig Van Beethoven.
  7. Walking through phase 2 of the Highline, twice.
  8. Finally meeting Sasha – baby boy with the most enchanting blue eyes and advanced yoga moves – for the first time.
  9. Listening to free opera at Lincoln Center on opening night of the season: Sitting on the lighted steps of Lincoln Center’s Metropolitan Opera House listening to Donizetti’s Anna Bolena on the speakers while watching fashionable New Yorkers, fashion designers, and actors get out of their cabs in their most glamorous evening gowns and suavest tuxedos was an only-in-New York kind of night. The rest of us were happy to listen to the music from start to finish outside in our jeans and sneakers. Some folks even brought their beach chairs.
  10. Free Friday night at the Museum of Modern Art, which included de kooning: A Retrospective. We’re all about free art and we love that so many of the top museums in New York City make art available to everyone, not just the wealthy. The MET is pay what you can, and MoMA offers free entry on Friday nights. Fighting thousands of people who also went to take advantage of the free museum night was not so fun, but the stellar artwork and sitting in the courtyard for a breather made it all worthwhile.
  11. Riding the newly restored Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn three times and feeling like a kid again.
  12. Watching a dozen City Hall brides and grooms getting married as we waited for our marriage license on Monday morning at the NYC Marriage Bureau.
  13. Getting entertained by the unbelievably talented subway and street musicians.
  14. Walking, walking, and walking.
  15. Getting lost in the East Village.
  16. Catching up with people from the past – our old chatty South African neighbor still sitting on the same spot on the stoop, Joseph the subway artist still at our old subway stop.
  17. An hour after getting to our Union Square airbnb studio after a horrible flight and shuttle ride, walking across the street and stumbling on couples dancing tango.
  18. Having a cup of coffee at Bakeri in Brooklyn.
  19. Eating.
  20. Falling in love with the city all over again.

A million photos of our trip to come.

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