Wedding Flowers

Succulents, ivory peonies, cream gerber daisies, wild flowers . . . this is the combination I had in mind for my ideal wedding bouquet. At the farmer’s markets in Seattle, a large bountiful bouquet of flowers is $10, including the likes of peonies and dahlias, and I was naively thinking add in another $40 for succulents and I can put together a phenomenal bouquet with my signature taste for $50. Apparently I was way out of the ball park. When I inquired about how much a smaller version of this gorgeous Amy Merrick bouquet (first image here) would cost, my draw dropped when I was told it would be $200.  But, Amy Merrick was sweet enough to steer this budget bride into another direction – that of the wholesale flower district in New York, specifically G Page Flowers on West 28th Street, a place I would never have known about. We need to go early morning (they open at 5 am) and need to purchase with cash. I’m hoping they’ll have a nice variety at affordable prices. If this doesn’t work, it’s gonna be all about the Union Square Farmer’s Market right across the street from the airbnb studio we’re staying at. This means I won’t get my succulents, but hopefully I can find some local New York flowers that can help me create the kind of bouquets I have in mind, shown here on this post. The antique Japanese fabric (last image) is my color inspiration.

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