Old School

Old school. I guess that might be one way to describe us. We frequently say things our parents used to say like “they don’t make music (or movies) like they used to.”

We have no clue what the new stuff out there is. It’s not that we wouldn’t be open to new music, it’s just that the kind of music that moves and sways us most is the old stuff. What we call the classics. Case in point, a few weekends ago, we had just finished sharing the most outstanding cup of Americano at our neighborhood coffee shop/sushi bar Liberty and were getting ready to leave when “She’s Gone” by Hall & Oates came on. We held onto that empty cup and stayed for that song. We were going to leave as soon as the song ended, but then one of my favorite good time songs “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins came on. We extended our stay. Then that catchy beginning to “True” by Spandau Ballet came on. We ordered one more cup of Americano. This demonstrates a few things. One, we’re 80s music children. Two, folks like us who aren’t cheap for some things, but definitely cheap when it comes to buying two cups of coffee for two people would only do so for music. I correct that, good music.

When we were listening to Hall & Oates at that coffee shop, we talked about how great it’d be to see them perform. Later in the day as we passed by a table, lo and behold on the cover of one of Seattle’s weeklies, was a photo of Daryl Hall. Say what? Hall & Oates at Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival? They were gonna perform just a few days from that day. If we had money for the extras, we would have been there. Well, maybe they’ll be back next year (after all, they were in Seattle last year as well). The weird thing is wherever we walk lately, we tauntingly keep seeing Hall & Oates sightings.

So we missed Hall & Oates twice in Seattle in the past two years, but what do you know, we also missed Devo this month (the second time we missed them in the past two years too). I would’ve loved to have surprised Grant with some Devo tickets and a Woodinville winery getaway as a wedding gift.

Photo of Hall & Oates by Seattle photographer Chona Kasinger at Bumbershoot.

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