We got our wedding rings yesterday!

Things are coming together, albeit a bit last minute. We received our wedding rings yesterday and they fit perfectly! When we put them on yesterday to try them out, we both got a bit gooey and sappy, and it made our upcoming nuptials even more real, if that even makes any sense at all. Grant chose the simple white gold comfort band, and I chose a simple delicate gold band. He has my name engraved inside his ring, and I have his name engraved inside mine.

Both my mom and my soon-to-be mother initially asked why gold rather than white gold considering my engagement ring is white gold, but I doubt I’ll ever wear the two together, and I wanted at least one of my rings to match my other gold jewelry. I’m also really happy to have this non-diamond ring since I’ll feel a lot more comfortable wearing it. I don’t think I’ll ever really feel “comfortable” wearing real diamonds – I am that girl who was on the subway with a clenched fist to the extreme with my engagement ring turned around the other way for fear it’ll get stolen, lost, or scratched. Grant found it thoroughly funny when he’d notice that I couldn’t really wash my left hand properly whenever I wore the engagement ring. I’d say to him, “But I don’t want to get water on it and ruin it.”

A huge thanks to his beautiful cousin Jenn for taking care of us again.

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