Pawning, Swaping, Ebaying, & Bartering

It is because of my mom’s generous hard-earned gift that we are getting married this month. My mom works six stressful days a week as a sales person, barely makes enough to cover rent and food, and yet she was able to save up for us every week since the day we got engaged – several years of straight sacrifice all for us, all from the deepest kind of love that perhaps only a mother knows. Simply put, she was able to do something neither of us could do for ourselves. I can’t fully express my gratitude, or my shame and guilt. I will write more about this after we get married because I can’t bring myself to even think about it without starting to cry like the cry baby that I am. My mom is getting us to New York, and I hope to soon get her to Italy and Korea.

In addition to my mom’s generous support, we’ve still been looking for ways to save and get more. So our pre-wedding activities have also included the following:

  • Selling some of my gold jewelry at a “Trading Post” (the pawn shop).
  • Auctioning off a purse on ebay that was given to me as a gift. It’s a purse I never used because it wasn’t my style, but when we tried to sell this purse at a consignment shop, the lady was extremely kind enough to tell us to hold on to it since she saw it sold on ebay recently for $1,000 (apparently worth upwards of $5,000). She would have offered us $30, and she could have very well not mentioned how much it was worth because we would have gladly taken it for $5 considering three other shops I took the purse to didn’t want it at all. There really are honest stand-up people in this world. I cringe when I think about how I almost donated it to Goodwill three years ago before moving to New York. Something made me hold on to it. We are hoping for some bids.
  • Grant took some of his old shoes, which he was almost going to toss, to a tiny shoe repair shop down the street. He told the owner he could have the shoes to fix up and sell or just give away to his customers. We weren’t expecting anything in return, but when Grant went to take his black shoes to get shined for our wedding day and get my shoe straps glued, Angel the owner did it for us for free. He even gave Grant a free pair of black dress shoes!
  • Grant got a lot of free clothes in the past from different companies. Some of those clothes either do not fit or he’s never worn. Grant just scored a good quality military style jacket and I scored a cute below-the-knee floral Betsey Johnson dress (with holes – yes, another dress with holes) in exchange for some of those clothes he doesn’t need. What does this jacket and dress have to do with the wedding? Absolutely nothing. But it helps to keep our sanity, especially since we haven’t bought anything beyond the necessities in years. But swapping/trading old things for new old things? Fun, free, and wonderful.
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