My Wedding Dress is in the House

Finally, my patched up wedding dress is in my house. My tailor performed some miracles on the dress – bringing it in a solid 8 sizes to the exterior and slip beneath, and fixing up a lot of holes with such fragile interweaving lace and beading. And to put it into further perspective, it cost about the same amount of money to tailor my fiance’s brand new suit which is just one material.

The previous owner bought the dress at fancy schmancy Bergdorf Goodman. And considering how expensive the original must have been (I saw a similar used Badgley on ebay listed at $4,700), I can’t believe how beat up the dress was. She must have had a wild night on the town involving bottles of champagne and came back to her mansion where she decided to roll around on the ground in her $10,000+ evening gown just because she could.

My wedding dress is not perfect, and I understand some brides would probably freak out about that or wouldn’t even dare wear the dress, but I’m going to love the imperfections and make it work. This taupe-gray colored used Badgley Mishka evening gown has been quite the complicated beauty that’s made me work to appreciate it. To me, the dress is beautiful, intricate, delicate, has an air of old Hollywood glamour, it’s refined but a bit rough around the edges, unique, elegant, romantic, and completely worth the effort.

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