Yoga’ing Together

Part of our wedding planning process has also included exercising. I know that seems a bit out of the place in between buying outfits and booking a photographer, but I think we’ve actually spent more time exercising than anything else related to wedding. You might ask how they all fit together? Simply put, we have to BE healthy and FEEL healthy. For one, I have a weak immune system when it comes to catching colds (sick for 2 solids weeks right before a family trip to L.A. a few months ago, which was a costly nightmare) and the thought of getting sick right before/during our wedding and having to cancel anything is probably the biggest terrifying element of the wedding day. I can’t be the only bride that feels like this, right? Then again, the prospect of a recent hurricane hitting New York City was also pretty scary too.

So a month ago, Grant was kind enough to gift us with five introductory classes for $25 at Seattle Yoga Arts, which has been amazing. I had been wanting to go since we moved here, but money was so tight for us, then the weather was horrendous, and excuses, excuses. The last time I paid for a yoga class (the non-Rodney Yee DVD kind) was three years ago before our dizzying move from the west coast to the east coast back to the west coast and then into recession-jobless-gray weather-gray mood-woe-is-me mode. Now I’m delighted to be getting back into the yoga swing, and even more delighted to be practicing yoga with Grant, who has never done yoga in his life. And for such a newbie, and for someone who has back and wrist problems, he’s doing pretty damn good. I get a smile on my face whenever our wonderful instructor Rebecca Denk says “Nice, Grant.” The one downfall of practicing yoga together is when I hear him next to me giggling like a mischievous child during specific poses and I have to hold in my laughter with all of my might (not an easy thing to do for a cracker upper like me).

In addition to yoga, I’ve also been doing Barre3, again thanks to Grant who bought me three discounted classes almost a year ago through one of those discount sites that spam your inbox like crazy with mostly nonsense things. But this discount buy was good. I also happened upon good timing because they were offering free instructor training classes, and you better believe someone like me took full advantage of them. Barre3 is far more intense than yoga but I’ve been loving just the same. What’s great about Barre3 is you begin to see results fairly quickly and feel instantly stronger. The first day of class I learned I have absolutely no upper body strength, the day after my arms were noodles, and now my arms feel a bit firmer. It’s actually pretty addicting – like I’ve actually been craving going to class – and that’s sooooo not me.

Hopefully all this downward dogging and ball squeezing will pay off. Working hard, thinking positively, and crossing our fingers for good health, especially the next few months.

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